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duckbill platypus /ˈdʌkbɪl ˈplætəpʊs/  

(countable noun; plural: duckbill platypus or duckbill platypuses) Usage note: ‘Platypus’ is the usual term used by all speakers.

An egg-laying marsupial with smooth fur that lives beside water.  Duckbill platypus are 30-45 centimetres long, with a wide 10-15 centimetre long tail, webbed feet, and a wide beak rather like a duck’s beak. They are often called 'platypus' rather than 'duckbill platypus'.

Example: Watch carefully for platypus anywhere along the creek, and in the forests here and around Yungaburra you may also spot the rare tree kangaroo. ( 

 A duckbill platypus swimming underwater

(photo by JohnCarnemolla)